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Chinese Furniture at Oriental Expression

Oriental Expression retails beautiful handmade Furniture in Oriental and Western styles, also making bespoke furniture to order.  To see a great range of solid rosewood furniture and lamps in the flesh, visit our easy to find showroom in Pampisford, just south of Cambridge, close to the M11 and Whittlesford Parkway railway station.

Chinese Rosewood furniture  

has long been admired for its artistic strength and wonderful craftsmanship revealing the beauty and texture of natural wood.  From elegant classic lines to magnificent carving and fine mother of pearl inlays, Oriental furniture is still crafted by hand using valuable solid timbers such as Rosewood, Blackwood, ‘Ji Chi mu’ and ash which is lovingly hand polished to perfection.    Chinese Rosewood, also known as ‘Hua Li Mu’ sits well in both traditional and contemporary settings, bringing the character and warmth of real wood to your home.

Direct from the Importer

With extensive experience of importing Chinese furniture over the last 30 years, we regularly see substantial variations in the cost of what initially appear to be identical products.  With a background in craftsmanship and design, we view everything with a critical eye, which often reveals a considerable difference in all round quality, ranging from the craftsmanship and materials through to processes and finishing.    Basically the lower the price, the lower the quality.

Kiln dried timber

Seasoning the wood for the UK climate is particularly important for stability and longevity  but isn’t evident until you have owned a piece of furniture for several months when problems may begin to surface.  To avoid our furniture is kiln dried to suit the UK environment, using solid rosewood & ash in addition to a selection of traditional woods, all artistically worked by accomplished craftsmen.

Showroom with stock for immediate delivery, not just a website

To avoid problems often associated with ‘internet’ based purchases we are discerning in our selection and have furniture to see ‘in the flesh’ and take away from stock.   We also hold an additional 40’ container of furniture with regular shipments arriving throughout the year if you wish to order something different or even have your own design made.

With the benefit of a personal service and a fine display of Oriental Furniture and lamps to buy and take away, why not enjoy a visit to see our display of Chinese Furniture here in Cambridgeshire.  

Bespoke or Custom Furniture made to order

As long established importers we commission bespoke furniture, from small tables through to custom made bedrooms, studies and dining rooms, in fact anything as long as it ‘s a practical proposition.  

Our connections and experience ensure consistent outstanding results and reliable quality.  

Western and contemporary styles are available and each item may be personalised or used as a template to create your own bespoke design.

Chinese dining  tables  

Chinese dining table with 8 chairs


altar cabinet

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Traditional Quality for Contemporary Living   

Dining room - Living  room - Study - Bedroom - TV/Audio - CD/DVD storage - Hall tables & cabinets - From Stock or bespoke furniture made to your own specification

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Oriental lamps

Corner chairs

Chinese furniture - Rosewood corner chair
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